Dog Training in and around Topsham, Exeter & Exmouth

For home consultations please call: 07582 645580 : Testimonials

Welcome to my website and our Facebook group which may be viewed here. Topsham, Exeter & Exmouth Dog Training is for those in the area seeking tips and advice on all matters of dog training. The group advocates totally force free training. We do not practise any forms of dominance or punishment based training. Please feel free to ask any questions and get involved in the discussions. The various blogs below are on general aspects of dog training rather than dealing with specific issues or training problems.

One-to-one home consultations include problems with: general skills training for puppies and adult dogs; anxiety, fears and phobias; separation anxiety; loose lead walking; resource guarding; poor recall and others. Consultations are followed up by a full written assessment and training plan. Please follow the links in the menu bar for further information or to make contact. I look forward to hearing from you.

The Group’s link is:

My personal Facebook business page may also be viewed here:

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