Do Autistic People Make Better Dog Trainers than Non Autistic People?

I recently came across a fantastic book ‘Animals In Translation’ by Temple Grandin. This should be compulsory reading for all dog trainers.

Her theory is that autistic people, like animals, think in pictures rather than words. Animals see detail that most humans miss. This is because humans THINK too much; in other words they are abstractified. They cannot see the wood for the trees and very often miss the obvious.

Is it possible, therefore, that autistic people will make better dog trainers than non-autistic people? I am of the opinion that most people fall on the autistic spectrum somewhere but this goes unnoticed or undiagnosed. I know I sometimes stumble to find a word, phrase or definition whist seeing clearly in my mind what needs to be said – or is that plain forgetfulness? I also know that I become extremely frustrated when I see things at work, home etc that other people simply miss, or are they plain LAZY?

NB: Dictionary definition of autism: psychiatry – a developmental disorder whose symptoms include difficulty in responding conventionally to people and actions and limited use of verbal communication.

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