Should we ignore our dog when entering a room and then make him wait in the queue for his food?

The above are two of the five golden rules to be good *pack leader* according to New Zealand dog trainer and behaviourist Doggy Dan. The other three are that everything should be on YOUR terms, control barking (by taking time out) and only walk the dog when calm. We can all identify with the last of these but what about the other outlandish statements? In his various videos and book ‘What The Dogs Taught Me About Being A Parent’ Dan does an awful lot of talking without saying much. Whilst I agree with a lot of what he DOES say, which is mainly common sense, this could mostly be condensed into one short chapter – so don’t waste £7 on the eBook unless you are REALLY curious!

I do admire Dan for his policy of creating calm before a formal training session. Unlike Zak George who always appears hyper active. These two are at the opposite ends of the spectrum. Perhaps Zak is not such a good role model after all! What do you think? Feel free to leave any comments below.

 ** For more information on the “pack theory” see my blog ‘When Is a Pack Not a Pack’ – April 26, 2017.

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