ITVs ‘Flockstars’

This is an old Blog I have brought to the top for interest:- Did anyone watch “Flockstars” televised by ITV last Thursday evening? It begs the question ‘do sheep have rights?’ Man has nurtured the chasing instinct of Border Collies and other dogs over millennia in order to herd. I wonder if the sheep are able to distinguish between being chased and being herded? Farmers will herd sheep over huge areas out of necessity but to subject sheep to unnecessary stress in a television studio is, in my view, not warranted. All in the name of entertainment! I’m sure the dogs, so called ‘stars’ and the audience are hugely enjoying themselves but at what price? The sheep at various points have endeavored to escape by jumping the barriers. I notice the BBC have not hosted this show, presumably for similar reasons that they do not host Crufts – that’s another infringement on animals rights!!

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